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Rolando 2 - Quest for the Golden Orchid

Island of Fontanis
Discover many fabled regions of this mysterious new world.
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  • ExplorerGeneral Sir Richard Smythe

    A born leader and captain of HMS Plunderful, Sir Richard proudly serves the Royal Family and the Sages. An expert on exotic fauna, he alone knows the location of the rare, mysterious and powerful Golden Orchid.

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  • 1Prince Gladstone

    Still rolling out of control, Prince Gladstone is nervous about the adventure. Gladstone is a bit young for world travel, however, and it shows.

  • 2Fenwick "Fenny" Saunders

    Like Billy Loutfish, Fenny is another big man of the ship. While Fenny is not the most cunning and agile Rolando, his size and strength allow him to move heavy objects and sink gracefully to the bottom of any water obstacle.

  • 3King Edward XVII
    Royal Highness of Rolando

    Legend foretells that the island’s secrets only reveal themselves to Royal blood, and so the expedition into the heat of the new world requires the presence of the fearless, courageous (and incredibly sleepy) King of Rolando.

  • 4Queen Gertrude
    Queen of Rolando

    The matron of the Royal family. Like the King, Queen Gertrude is prone to extreme sleepiness, and requires assistance to move about.

  • 5William "Billy" Loutfish

    A crew member aboard the HMS Plunderful, Billy is loyal to his Captain, crew, and ship. He's powerful and large, so he can't fit through small spaces. His husky size also makes him sink in water, allowing him to access hidden places.

  • 6Major James Cardigan
    Royal Spikey Commando

    An elite member of the Royal Spikey Command, Cardigan leads security detail on the expedition. His main directive is to protect the Royal Family, and special training in climbing and navigation tactics help him in pursuit of this critical objective.

  • 7Princess Angela

    As heir to the Queen’s throne, Princess Angela is spoilt, yet bold and fun loving. She regularly draws the crew into danger by causing mischief and being kidnapped, although always seems to bring them closer to the golden Orchid.

  • 8James "Jim Lad" Hawkins

    James is the youngest member of the HMS Plunderful. He’s small and agile, and fits into the tiniest spaces on the island with ease. James loves adventure and is determined to help save the Royal Sages by finding the Golden Orchid.

  • 9Sgt. Henry Palmerston
    Royal Spikey Commando

    Following in the Shadow of Major Cardigan, Sgt. Henry is one of the most highly decorated officers in the Royal Spikey Command. His advanced climbing proficiency qualifies him to protect the Royal Family.

  • 10Turgut Reiss
    Ex-Pirate, Crew

    As a reformed sea pirate, Turgut Reiss cannot help but tell tales of death, piracy and betrayal. While he seems to have a dark behavior, Turgut knows all too well the types of dangers that face the crew on the island.

  • 11Lord Derby Disraeli
    The Royal Treasure Recorder

    Lord Disraeli is the foremost treasure expert in the kingdom, tasked with cataloging all riches discovered on the expedition. The Lord lives a civilized life among the elite of the Kingdom, so his tolerance will likely be tested on the Plunderful.

  • 12"Lightning" Lilly Langtree

    Lilly is the only girl in the Plunderful's crew. After her father died on Sir Richard's last expedition, Lily felt an obligation to return to the island to save the sages. Lilly's confident and feisty attitude makes her ready for any challenge.